A 360 Degree Approach to Your Health

There are a variety of areas that can have an effect on your health, many of which are often overlooked by our current system. At Whole Life Health MD, we take a global view of your health, and look deeper into the root causes of your symptoms. By utilizing the most up to date and progressive science, we are able to offer new insights and explanations, as well as more effective and tailored treatments.

At Whole Life Health MD we will:

  • Listen to you and your unique experiences
  • Identify factors that are contributing to your concerns or illnesses
  • Fortify what is healthy and strong in you
  • Work to activate your body’s own innate healing properties

I run a health and wellness public relations firm and have met and worked with many doctors. However, not until I met Dr. Dawn did my life long digestive problems resolve. Dr. Dawn asked me questions and performed tests that no other doctor I had ever met did, leading to an understanding of what was making me feel terrible. I was put on a regime of high grade supplements that have changed my life.  The brain fog and stomach pain are completely gone.  I have never felt better!

Nicole Dunn

Founder and President of Dunn Pellier Media

Dr. Dawn is one of those special people I have met. She is dedicated to healing and true health CARE.  She possesses a rare blend of a traditional MD background combined with knowledge and expertise in functional and holistic medicine, as well as a huge heart, that gives her a special ability to care for her patients.  I go to her myself and send everyone I know to her, from professional athletes I work with to my own family.

Darin Olien

Founder of Superlife, Nutritional Supplement Formulator, and Author of Superlife